I asked for clarification as to why CIHI reports actual abortion numbers in Nunavut, while Nunavut Health does not. Here is the response I received:

“CIHI receives only Qikiqtani General Hospital data (Inpatient and Day Surgery visit information). Some of the reported numbers may be patients with a Nunavut health care card who had the procedure done in a Southern clinic or hospital.

CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information) receives the data for this report from the data collected, entered and reported to CIHI. Inpatient and Day Surgery visit records are reviewed by a coder. Information is collected, coded using ICD-10-CA and CCI (diagnosis, intervention and other mandatory data fields collected) and entered into the Med2020 abstracting system. When all records are processed for the reporting month, a file is created and sent in a secure manner to CIHI. 

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