Many OnePeterFive readers are familiar with, if not regular attendees of, the Traditional Latin Mass. The Tridentine Mass is the sort of bedrock or cornerstone of all things traditionally Catholic. However, many of your average Sunday Mass-going Catholics (as well as not-so-regular attendees and fallen-away Catholics) have never heard of the Old Mass. Or if they have, it is not often painted in a positive light. Still another group of Catholics simply has no idea that there is a difference in the Old and New Mass, thinking that the latter is just a translation of the former into the vernacular. So the question for all of us in the OnePeterFive community is: how can we change this?

I have often spoken to my family about the Latin Mass and thought “if they would just read a Peter Kwasniewski book, they would be convinced!” But the problem is that the type of person to sit down with a 300 page book on the liturgy is likely the type of person who does not need convincing. So how can we get the Traditional Latin Mass in front of millions of Catholics in a condensed, convincing, and beautiful way that does not compromise any of the majesty or reverence of the Roman Rite?

Enter the Mass of the Ages documentary.

Praise the Lord

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