For more than 1000 years (610-1700), the sword of Muhammad has fought with Christendom. The sword struck within Christendom after the Muhammadans conquered the Christian Middle East and North Africa in the 7th century. Over the years the crushing blasphemy of the shahada against the Nicene Creed (blasted five times daily by the muezzin) weighed down upon the Christians, and the persecutions and taxes made most succumb to apostasy, receiving eternal suffering in exchange for a few years of earthly prosperity. These formerly Christian regions remain under the shadow of crescent to this day.

But the sword struck Christendom also from without, as the Muhammadans’ trans-saharan slave trade stretched across Africa (Tidiane N’Diaye, Le genocide voilé) and the incursions expanded into Europe, reaching southern France. Our fathers understood this threat. They made the sign of the cross, drew their swords and met the Muhammadans, trusting in Christ. As long as they fought on the side of the angel armies, and not on the side of earthly ambitions, Islam was beaten back.

Mary against the Muhammadans

Praise the Lord

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