The pandemic has dug deep into people’s lives, minds and hearts. What is the service Christians are called to render in this time of transition and newly found hope?

Each Christian, St. Josemaría said, is called to be “another Christ, Christ himself.” We must continually ask ourselves: how would our Lord have reacted in these circumstances that I am going through? I think that our Lord’s reaction to our situation today would be one of compassion (cum patire, suffering with others), of empathy (putting oneself in the circumstances of others and understanding their reactions), of accompanying those who are alone, or who have lost a loved one, or who are in a difficult material situation. At the same time, the Christian must be a sower of hope, asking God for the grace to know how to transmit to others the closeness of Jesus. The health crisis will end, many things will change, but we will remain the same: people in need of God’s help, who gives us the strength to be very close to others.

People talk of a “return to normality.” But what is “normality” for a Christian who lives as a lay person in the world?

Praise the Lord

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