Above, a redacted “Gender Support Plan” in place in a New York middle school district, sent to Wall Street Journal writer Abigail Shrier by the mother of a 12-year-old girl who is asking that she be called “they/them.” The school district kept this “gender change” secret from the mother, and the mother might not have known about it at all, but for the guilty conscience of a teacher (link). Shrier writes: “For much of the daughter’s 7th grade, the school was not only referring to her daughter by a boy’s name, it was providing the daughter with ‘gender counseling’ and providing this ‘gender support’ — all a secret from the child’s parents.” Schrier believes legislation should be passed making it illegal to deceive parents about what is happening to their children in school

    “Secrets between teachers and students are common signs of sexual abuse… which in my opinion is exactly what this is.” —JC Collins, a reader of the Abigail Shrier article published below

    “Schools have been inserting themselves between parents and kids for a long time. It started with the emphasis on ‘feelings’ and the push to make being a teenager a mental illness requiring medication.” —June Maulfair, a reader of the Abigail Schrier article published below

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