“All the striving towards ecumenism, however necessary, must begin not with attention-grabbing meetings with Eastern hierarchs but with the restoration of the Latin liturgy, which represents the real connection between the Latin and Greek churches.” –German Catholic author Martin Mosebach, author of The Heresy of Formlessness (Angelico Press, 2018), p. 187.

    The article I republish below, by Peter Kwasniewski (left), the editor of the Rorate Caeli website, is about the relationship between the old Latin rite, the new Mass, and the Byzantine liturgy, used by the eastern rite Catholics and by the Orthodox Churches.

    I publish this because it seems important to note that the decree of Pope Francis on July 16, suppressing the old Mass of the Roman rite, may have important consequences for the dialogue between the Catholics and the Orthodox.

Praise the Lord

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