Letter #80, 2021, Monday, August 2, Feast of Our Lady of the Angels of the Portiuncula (the cradle of the Franciscan Order)

    “Traditionalist (Catholic) movements—both those that went into schism, as did the followers of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and those who remained in communion with Rome—have long been associated with hard-right and authoritarian political regimes. Everything from the effort to restore the monarchy in France (a hopeless cause), to suppression of the indigenous peoples of Brazil (an ongoing problem), has flown under the flag of Catholic traditionalism. Pope Benedict did not believe the danger was there, but it was.” –excerpt from an article on the liturgy by Rita Ferrone in Commonweal magazine on July 23, 2021. The article approves of Pope Francis’ decision to suppress the old Mass, saying July 16, the day he published Traditionis custodes [“Of the tradition the guardians”] was “a great day for the Roman Rite and for the legacy of the Second Vatican Council.” However, many of her arguments seem to be drawn from a political perspective, not a theological one (see comments below)

    “July 16, 2021 was a great day for the Roman Rite and for the legacy of the Second Vatican Council. Finally, after years of accommodating those who dislike or actually reject the liturgical reforms of the Council, the Catholic Church’s highest authority took a definitive step to re-establish the reformed rites as normative for the whole Latin Rite Church, without exception.” —Rita Ferrone, in the same article

Praise the Lord

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