First there were the twisties – not a wardrobe malfunction, but a loss of muscle memory in gymnasts, who ‘forget’ their routines, and where their body is in space. In other sports, they’re called the ‘yips’: pitchers throwing far wide of the plate; seasoned soccer stars missing penalty shots by yards; and quarterbacks fumbling and stumbling over easy plays. Psychological studies indicate that such players revert back to a cognitive way of operating, instead of relying upon their deeply-ingrained habits. In other words, they think too much.

Such was the fate of gold-medalist Simone Biles, tied as the most decorated gymnast of all time. She blamed the ‘twisties’ for her withdrawal from some recent Olympic events, with her ‘mind and body not in sync’. But that seems far the lesser of her problems, for the Catholic Biles, an icon to countless young women, who has brought her rosary to events, and who has now sadly – is this nearly inevitable? – come out as ‘very pro-choice’, and we all know what ‘choice’ she means, for mothers to abort their unwanted children. In this case, Ms. Biles rails against the fate of children who may end up in the ‘broken’ foster care system, as she did. Here are her own words on Instagram:

I already know this is going to star the biggest argument & may even lose followers BUT I’m very much pro-choice…Your body. your choice. Also for everyone gonna say ‘just put it up for adoption’ it’s not that easy & coming from someone who was in the foster care system TRUST me foster care system is broken & it’s TOUGH especially on the kids & young adults who age out & adoption is expensive…im just saying

Praise the Lord

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