Rome: frequent conversation topic.

My right arm aches, and so I have been keeping typing to a minimum. I am working though–I got an email from a concerned reader whose wife had noticed I haven’t written any articles for work lately. It’s because I’ve been pulled up into the editorial team. My decision-making powers are limited to my colleagues’ sentence structures and diction, though. 

Recent excitements include babysitting a four-year-old who has put his parents on the stage and thus needed to be entertained while his mother workshopped in London and his father played two performances here. Torquil, as he is not really named, informed me that his mother is not on the stage, but on the floor, and only his father is on the stage. I presume this is a reflection on their most habitual concert venues. Torquil also resisted being called a Stage Child, saying that he is too young to go on the stage. 

Praise the Lord

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