María cannot conceal the fact that she has a problem. She has grown up with it, and it has become part of her life. Over time (she is now 21) she has seen the condition worsen. She has learned to put up with it, although at times it gets the upper hand. Besides, she knows that she will always have to live with it, since her condition – spina bifida – has no cure.

María’s real problem is that she constantly needs to be with other people. To be with dozens of people who love her and ask for her time: friends from school, friends from her neighborhood, friends from her club, cousins, siblings, nieces and nephews… Because she is a very special person.

She herself says that what makes her special, the best part of her, what inevitably makes her the center of attention, is owed to her spina bifida. She was born in spite of it. “In spite of,” because if it had not been for the efforts of María Jesús, her mother, the doctors would have seen to it that she would never have been born. “She will be a vegetable,” they claimed. The best prognosis, which she received a few years later from a nurse, was: “She will never get up from a wheelchair.”

Praise the Lord

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