A Primer on Human Embryology


Pro-life issues are among the most important facing Catholics and other believers throughout the world.  Abortion must certainly rank as the top issue in the pro-life agenda.  Even among non-Christians, polls reveal that between 15% and 75% of persons believe abortion should in illegal in all or most cases.[1]

In 2019 alone, about 889,000 abortions took place in the United States;[2] about 86,000 in Canada,[3] and about 42.3 million worldwide.[4]

Praise the Lord

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Some kind and anxious readers…

 …have been enquiring about  this Blog and specifically why Auntie J. hasn’t been writing on it recently…

It’s partly that I felt a mild break might be useful.  When I began blogging years ago, the internet was different and less overwhelmingly dominant in all our lives. It’s useful to step back a  bit from time to time.And life offers more: with lockdown easing,  it’s been a v. v. busy summer. 

The launch of two books – one of them at a beautiful garden on National Gardens Day, and the other on a golden summer evening at the University…

Praise the Lord

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