Another day, another church vandalized. Welcome to Canada, the land formerly called glorious and free. It turns out not everyone in Canada is obsessed with hockey, maple syrup, and saying “sorry” needlessly. Arson, vandalism, and violence are now legitimate pastimes.

That churches are being torched in my home country is, of course, a horrific reaction by we-don’t-know-who to the finding of unmarked graves on the land of former Indigenous residential schools. Two things should be noted before proceeding:

First, residential schools are a tragic part of Canadian history. In 1880 the federal government enlisted various religions to help them set up these boarding schools for Indigenous youth. More than half of these schools were run by the Catholic Church. By the early 1900s these schools were in full swing, with the intent to “get rid of the Indian problem.” Children were forcibly taken from their parents, and most endured a life of frightful abuse. With tuberculosis and the Spanish flu rampant around this time, several thousand Indigenous children died at the schools, or were sent home to die (thus allowing for a lower death count at the schools, yet also spreading the disease to their families).

Praise the Lord

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