As a Father a husband a Catechist and a Catholic with a Pontifical degree in Catholic Theology I find great joy in my faith, living it, sharing it, learning about it. I find when you explain the gospel to people they are overjoyed, engaged and grateful. It is frustrating that Catholics are leaving the Church in extraordinary numbers. When I talk about this with fellow lay Catechists we always end up talking about the division and confusion among the bishops and clergy that leads to the promotion of often conflicting messages and petty in-fighting in terms of getting useful catechetical messages out there.It’s like they don’t want to teach the faith!Is sadly an oft repeated expression of frustration shared among us as we reflect on a programme shut down, a suggestion passed over or ignored by the powers that be or a controversial speaker spreading confusion in a parish or diocese.

For some time now, Michael Voris has been saying that the reason for this is that the men in charge have a different agenda to Christ and His Church. Voris has his detractors but it’s really getting hard to argue that he is wrong. The evidence just keeps mounting!

And I am reliably informed that this story is about to get bigger. A LOT BIGGER!

Praise the Lord

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