(Editor’s Note: This is Part II of a three-part series: “Leading a Traditional Catholic Life in a Time of Civil War.” Part I can be found here.)

In the first part of this series, I spoke of some of the temptations facing traditional Catholics in the era of Traditionis Custodes, and pointed to our forefathers in the movement as sources of hope, courage, and guidance for us today. They persevered against monumental odds that might remind one of the great battle scenes in The Lord of the Rings, about which any “rational analysis” would have concluded: it’s all over, Sauron has triumphed. I also included links to harrowing stories of what ordinary Catholics had to do and suffer just to attend a Latin Mass once in a while. 

These horror stories from decades ago are not where we are today! Yes, I know: we are under siege again, from a pope who has proved implacably hostile to any other way of living Catholicism than that which chimes in with his one-world progressive humanistic interreligious all-are-welcome agenda. Yes, it is true: the icy chill of official disfavor is blowing against us after decades of gradual thaw under John Paul II and Benedict XVI. 

Praise the Lord

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