As I mentioned yesterday, the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Gerhard Cardinal Müller authored an analysis July 19 of Traditionis custodes, Pope Francis’ July 16 motu proprio on the use of the Roman liturgy prior to the reform of 1970. I think it’s well worth a deeper look at what he said if only because his erudition and scholarship provide a perfect antidote to the dim-witted person who wrote the flawed motu proprio text which is so flawed. Presumably not even bothering to have it checked by a Canonist…but why would you when you are omniscient!?

As I pointed out in my last post, Pope Francis explained his decision in an accompanying letter to bishops, in which he wrote: “In defense of the unity of the Body of Christ, I am constrained to revoke the faculty granted by my Predecessors.” The pope said he was saddened that the celebration of the extraordinary form was now characterized by a rejection of the Second Vatican Council and its liturgical reforms. This despite, as I pointed out yesterday, very little evidence to back up this assertion.

There are some great quotes in Cardinal Müller’s analysis. For example:

Praise the Lord

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