By Matthew Reid

In the course of a man’s life there are many changes that occur, some by his own volition, some involuntary, however one of the great changes, perhaps the greatest change, is when a man becomes a father.  The entire concept of who the man is put under a microscope like never before.  Self evaluation, which in the past may have been full of convenient excuses, sophisms and all around laxity now ceases to be so.  The glaring omissions become more glaring, the failure to live up to certain responsibilities and duties presents itself more and the will to correct them seems to grow by the day.  In summary, when life begets life, it brings out, or usually should bring our very best effort, in order to ensure that our children are getting what they need in order to grow up in a stable, loving and most importantly, thoroughly faithful home.

In the case of my own life, this has certainly has been the case.  In my adult life, I have gone from a lapsed Catholic man, to a married lapsed Catholic man, to a married man with children who has gone through what can only be described as a most profound reversion.

Praise the Lord

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