I have been thinking lately about the three sons of Noah.

Some people have had monsters for parents, and they should tell their admonitory stories, as dispassionately but as accurately as they can, lest others fall into the same patterns of wickedness. Yet most people have for parents just the ordinary stuff of human sinners that they themselves are. Piety demands that we be grateful to them for what they gave us, even if it was their duty in piety to give it. We should honor their virtues and be gentle with their shortcomings. We should take no delight in uncovering the nakedness of our Noah to the world.

What we say about parents applies by analogy to the land of our birth. So does our catechism instruct us. That same virtue of piety requires us to honor our native land, and to serve it, and sometimes, good men and true, to lay down our lives for it. But what if that same land has been guilty of great evil? What then?

Praise the Lord

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