Of all the civilizations of the world, the West is the most beleaguered and under attack. Making matters worse, it is often the children of the West—the descendants of those heroes, martyrs, and patriots who labored and died for faith, family, and fatherland—that are leading the desecration of Western Civilization. What, exactly, happened?

The enemy of Western Civilization goes by various names. Marxism is one, though this often obfuscates reality. Marxism is dead. And it has been dead for some time. Postmodernism is another. Postmodernism is trickier than Marxism since no one is quite sure what postmodernism is or stands for. 

Rather than beat around the bushes of Marxism and Postmodernism, it might be better to simply assert that the attack on Western Civilization is the anti-Western ideology. Where did it come from? And why should Catholics, especially, be concerned with it?

Praise the Lord

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