We’re all aware of the heated dispute inside the Catholic Church regarding whether baptized Catholic pro-abortion politicians—and in particular, President Joe Biden—should be admitted to Holy Communion. Instead of treading over well-worn territory, I want to turn to the liturgy, which, as the late Benedictine theologian Aidan Kavanagh defined, is “the faith of the Church in motion.” 

Arguments defending Biden’s reception of the Eucharist is rooted in a deficient understanding of the liturgy. When was the last time Biden, or any other pro-abortion politician, attended a Mass and heard St. Paul’s warning to the community at Corinth about unworthy reception of the Eucharist? How many of those who think Biden should receive Holy Communion attend Masses where what happens at the altar is unambiguously and unapologetically presented as the propitiatory sacrifice that Christ offers to the Father for the salvation of mankind?

Liturgical words, liturgical actions, and liturgical vision shape our understanding of the Christian faith. In the case of those unrepentant pro-abortion politicians who demand the Eucharist—and their staunch supporters—we might find that the liturgy they know and attend is one which minimizes or ignores these truths and their implications.

Praise the Lord

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