Yesterday morning I had a Polish lesson. My tutor and I discussed the motu proprio in Polish. I’m sure it won’t astonish my own readers, but some people do not seem to understand that human beings are capable–even in adult life–of learning European languages they don’t speak in the home, like Latin.

After my lesson, I took the train to Edinburgh’s West End to meet my luncheon party: the three eldest children of a TLM-attending family, two of whom are my writing students, and the young PhD candidate who is their maths teacher. I’m sure it won’t astonish my own readers, but some people might not realise how pleasant homeschooled children are to be around. Spared the brain-destroying effects of smartphones and a poor diet of pop culture, they enjoy speaking to adults about their actually interesting interests. 

Over lunch in a pizzeria, for example, we talked about sabre-fighting in German-language university fraternities: the duels, the slashes, the scars, the casualties, and the scope for excommunication. There was also an interesting anecdote about a young Austrian who decided to walk to Rome with a donkey and present it to the Pope. We also discussed very long-lived animals and the amazing regeneration of a certain kind of jellyfish. The children watch a lot of science videos and are very well informed. 

Praise the Lord

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