Today’s saint has become controversial because her identity is disputed. Luke 8:2-3  relates that she was one of a group of women who traveled with Jesus and supported his ministry. It also says Jesus cast seven demons out of her. She was present at the crucifixion and burial of the Lord and was the first witness to the Resurrection.

However, the gnostic gospels which were written around the 2-4th centuries elaborated the character of Mary Magdalene. These texts portray her as one of Jesus’s closest and most beloved disciples and the only one who truly understood his teachings. In the the gnostic gospels Mary Magdalene’s closeness to Jesus puts her in competition with St Peter due to her sex and Peter’s jealousy of special teachings given to her. It is from these gnostic sources that the ludicrous novels by Dan Brown get the idea that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife and after his untimely “death” they went secretly to France to bring up their kids who eventually became the Merovingian royal family.

As an aside, I’ve always found it highly ironic how worldlings will dispute the historicity of the gospels, but then take Dan Brown’s book seriously.

Praise the Lord

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