The other day on Twitter I posted a picture from St Peter’s in Rome and someone commented that he had visited his local Catholic church only to find a bare brick auditorium badly in need of repair and poorly decorated. I get it.

The fullness of the Catholic faith in our atheistic age is a buried treasure. It is buried within the brutal modernist architecture, the banal “praise and worship” music, dumb politically correct preaching, puppy dogs and kittens catechesis and the plump sentimentality of Father Fabulous and Sister Sandals. It is buried in the crimson robes of gay cardinals, fat German prelates and money grubbing bureaucrats in birettas.

Who would want to join a church like ours? Someone who is searching for hidden treasure. To find the fullness of the Catholic faith today requires a quest. “Seek and you will find” is part of the gospel is it not?

Praise the Lord

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