Twelve-year-old Iolani was facing a dilemma. She had to make a decision. Which should she choose? The salmon-pink Liberty cotton? Or the lime-green Swiss? The dress with the sailor collar or the two-piece with the flared skirt? For this was no ordinary dress. This was her recital dress! She would be performing her first solo violin debut in front of the whole school.

She had been taking lessons for the last two years and her music teacher told her that she was ready. Her art teacher had assured her that she had an eye for colour so she wasn’t worried about that aspect of her decision. But she was mightily perplexed about the style aspect. For this she definitely needed the expertise of her fashion designer.

Who was this pampered child? Private art lessons. Violin lessons. And her own fashion designer! Was she one of the elite, the privileged classes, the “entitled ones”? No. Iolani was none of these.

Praise the Lord

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