Who is this saint, Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, whose feast collect aptly describes him as a man of great learning and having the ardor of … charity?

Undoubtedly, Saint Bonaventure is a central figure within our Franciscan Family. He was born around 1217 in Bagnoregio, which is close to Orvieto, Italy. After graduating with an Arts degree, he discerned his vocation and joined the Order in 1245. By doing so Bonaventure was influenced by Alexander of Hales, who himself decided to make his important life transition from the academic world to the Franciscan way of life. With his erudition and great capacity to teach, Bonaventure was eventually made a Master of Theology in Paris in 1255. (Which meant far more back then than it does now)

Two years later Bonaventure was elected as Minister General of the Franciscans, and in 1272 he was appointed Cardinal Bishop of Albano, bearing the huge responsibility of preparing for the Council of Lyons. Unfortunately he died on July 15, 1274 while the Council was not yet started. Bonaventure’s complete works, the Opera Omnia, were published and are now contained in 9 volumes spanning from 1882 till 1902 by the Quaracchi friars.

Praise the Lord

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