The day after the incursion into the U.S. Capitol, I wrote in these pages that the events that day were not part of my conservative movement. Breaking into a federal building and fighting with police is not something that our set does. I was, and I remain, appalled at what I saw. 

I remain convinced there were agents provocateur present and egging folks on who otherwise would not do such things. We now suspect there were many types of them there that day, including not just Antifa but also men working with the FBI.

There was a scene in the basement of the Capitol where masked young men had surrounded Capitol Police. They bounced around like rabbits, coming at the police from this side and then another and then bouncing back. They were always bouncing. I have spent the last few years, especially last summer, watching footage of Antifa on the attack, and this approach is right out of their standard playbook. They surround, bounce back and forth, in and out, so that the target does not know where the attack is coming from or how to defend himself. 

Praise the Lord

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