Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters recently gave an interview with The Spectator in which he detailed his blueprint vision for a new post-Trumpian America. 

In Masters’ populist vision, America is under assault from exterior threats by China as well as immigration. Moreover, Masters very wisely notes that the Left now has near complete, full-spectrum dominance over the bulk of government and cultural institutions. Masters also rightly points out that the American middle class is in a state of free fall collapse and the bulk of the ruling class seems completely oblivious to this. Finally, and very interestingly (for a Republican political candidate), Masters expresses openness to raising taxes on the super-rich—as long as those taxes are spent wisely. 

What is also curiously missing from Masters’ interview is any mention of the pro-life movement or the defense of traditional marriage, two key elements of the Republican platform, at least since the Gingrich Revolution of the 1990s. 

Praise the Lord

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