Dr. David Fagerberg of Notre Dame has taken a personal vow to quote G.K. Chesterton to someone once a week. I would not be surprised if some here at Word on Fire believe that I have made an equivalent vow about discussing Poland because I inevitably bring up that lovely land nearly every day. It must drive my colleagues nuts, but I cannot help myself. Who does not want to tell everyone about things they love? And one thing I love is Poland. 

Like many other nations with strong Catholic roots, Poles make visibly present their love for Christ and his Church. They have had to struggle and fight to be able to do so throughout their dramatic history. I greatly admire them for this, and I hope to do likewise. 

As the saying goes, I am not Polish by ancestry but by marriage, and my wife is Poland’s best spokeswoman. She helps me better understand and appreciate her nation’s history, culture, and (rather difficult) language, which are key to better understanding one Pole we admire and hope to emulate: Pope St. John Paul II (Karol Wojtyła). 

Praise the Lord

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