Bishop Athanasius Schneider, 60. The bishop on June 25 in Paris gave a wide-ranging interview which was published on July 21 (full text below). It is worth reading.

    “I think that, with respect, the faithful have the duty to demand this from the hierarchy; the faithful have the right to a clear, integral doctrine. And if the priest, the bishop, or the Pope does not give them a clear doctrine, they should say: we have the right, give us this, please, we are hungry for doctrine, will you leave us without food, without bread? This is a fundamental demand of the faithful. I repeat, with respect.” —Bishop Athanasius Schneider, in an interview published five days ago, on Wednesday, July 21, on Lifesitenews (full text below)

    “If the Lord is with us, who is against us? Even if the apocalyptic time comes, the Lord will always be with us… He has remained with us especially in the Eucharist… and even if we have to enter the time of the catacombs again, perhaps, like the first Christians, as I had the privilege of living also in the catacombs during my childhood under the Soviet Union… Divine Goodness will always give us all the strength we need to face these difficult, even almost apocalyptic times.” —Bishop Schneider, in the same interview

Praise the Lord

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