Above, Father Davide Pagliarini, 50, since July 11, 2018 is (so, from three years ago) — the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (the SSPX for short, founded in 1970 by the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (1906-1991). This makes Fr. Davide arguably the highest-ranking “leader” of the “Traditionalist” group in the Roman Catholic Church. (Of course, writing that the members of the SSPX are “in” the Church may prompt objections, but — as I understand it — the members of the SSPX may receive communion at a Catholic Mass, and Catholics may receive communion at an SSPX Mass (see, for example, the argument of Kennedy Hall here), so there is de facto a certain, if imperfect, “communion” between the SSPX and the Roman Catholic Church. I am happy to receive mail of advice and correction on this point, and also happy to publish such mail in a future letter, with the letter writer’s approval.) The SSPX General Chapter meets once every six years, and the Superior General is elected every 12 years. The former Superiors are: Bp. Bernard Fellay (1994-2018), Fr. Franz Schmidberger (1982-1994), and Abp. Marcel Lefebvre (1970-82).

     “The Society has above all a love for the Church and souls… We are not driven by pride, but by charity to ‘transmit what we have received’ (1 Cor. 15:3).” —Fr. Davide Pagliarini, in a September 16, 2019 interview (link)

    “Here is a Church that no longer has anything to teach the world because it listens to the powers of the world…     This humanist mission that the men of the Church have given themselves must necessarily be matched by a liturgy that is equally humanist and emptied of any notion of sacredness.” —Fr. Pagliarini, in his letter yesterday on the Pope’s decree on the liturgy (full text of Pagliarini’s letter below)

Praise the Lord

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