Italian Professor Massimo Viglione. He has just written a reflection on the liturgy. The reflection was published on the website of Italian Catholic journalist Aldo Maria Valli, who is a friend of Archbishop Viganò. The text below is introduced by Valli, and also by Archbishop Viganò. Viglione has often expressed on the internet his appreciation for the writings of Archbishop Viganò. Here is a recent link to a video of Viglione, speaking in Italian, on the old liturgy. One of the points Viglione makes in the video is that many charge Catholic traditionalists with being “disobedient” with regard to the progressive decisions of the post-conciliar Church, and by extension with regard to Pope Paul VI and Pope Francis, but, he says, many progressive bishops and theologians were for years rebellious or “disobedient” to the requests of Pope Benedict XVI to be charitable toward the desires of the traditionalists to preserve the old liturgy. In other words, he argues that two different measures have been used in judging the obedience of Catholics to the Popes (link).

    Letter #62, 2021, Thursday, July 22: Viglione    

    “This great and powerful article by Professor Massimo Viglione constitutes one of the most lucid and profound comments on the ominous Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes.”—Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

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