Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. He has written a new letter which has appeared in the form of an interview with John-Henry Westen of Lifesitenews, who posed the questions to the archbishop, who answered in writing. The text is dated July 3, 2021, Feast of St. Irenaeus

    Letter #42, Wednesday, June 30, 2021: Viganò

    “The Church’s immutable teaching… does not impose itself as a cruel castration of the tendencies and orientations of the human person… but rather as a loving and harmonious development of the individual towards the sole purpose that can completely fulfill him… to love, adore, and serve God, and so attain eternal beatitude in the glory of Paradise.” —Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, in a new interview in which he discusses the Church’s teaching with regard to human sexuality, written on July 3, 2021, and first published yesterday

Praise the Lord

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