Every summer brings high temperatures and new lows of indecency to our streets as fashion trends plummet more and more into nudity. This summer, especially, there is a bizarre vibe of “letting loose” as a result of coming out of lockdown, celebrating restored freedoms with freedom from clothing. It is strange and disconcerting. But strangest and most disconcerting of all is the argument for such displays, or retorts against objections, which run along the lines of, “What’s wrong with my body? This is natural. This is normal.” Is it normal?

There is, unfortunately, a nakedness that is normal for a culture that has utterly lost its innocence. It is profoundly ironic that that which was once the sign of human innocence is now the sign of its corruption. Without a doubt, pornographic nudity must be considered “normal” nowadays—that is, the erotic depiction of human nakedness that arouses sexual desire by providing artificial access to what is morally inaccessible for the sake of self-gratification. 

But now, the desensitized attitude that accepts pornography as “normal” is bleeding into the public square with people wearing less and less as the weather and culture allows. And though few would admit that this is a participation in pornography, largely because of the intentions behind these instances of nudity, there is a strong connection.

Praise the Lord

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