The right to free speech is a bedrock of any free and open society – which seems almost tautological now that I write it. Hence, it is one of the first rights removed in a totalitarian regime. They don’t come out an muzzle the populace all at once – like most other rights – to property, a just wage, freedom of movement and religion –  they are whittled away gradually, under the pretence of ‘justice’, ‘fairness’, and ‘tolerance’.

We already had Bill C-16, now law, mandating the use of ‘transgender’ pronouns, along with other supposed rights and privileges, passed into law in May of 2016.

Now, we have looming on the horizon three Bills, C-6, C-10 and C-36, currently poised to become the law of the land here in Canada. If all three are passed – and passed they may well be with our supine Parliament and Senate – free speech will more or less deader than the proverbial doornail in this once-free Dominion.

Praise the Lord

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