A reader, ‘T’, wrote the following in reply to Father Testa’s article on Canceling Conservative Priests, and I thought this required a response outside of the comments section:

Am saddened by such violent references on a Catholic site, and by a Catholic priest (drive by shooting, totalitarian regime …war of annihilation against perceived enemies, Church Militant TV, ‘liberal’ Catholics engaging a war against ‘conservative’ Catholics). Reminds me of right wing media where fear, culture war fear is stoked.

One questionable comment, ‘Some claim that the number of concealed priests is in the hundreds’, is later contradicted by two comments, ‘To claim that there are in Catholic dioceses cadres of conservative priests is quite simply untenable at this point. Tradition-inclined priests are rare because to put it simply, the odds are stacked against such priests or candidates for the priesthood from the get go.’

Praise the Lord

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