He calls it a vocation of reconciliation, a reconciliation with the natural world. “There’s not the sacred world and the so-called a secular or profane world. There’s only one world.” John McCarthy wants to offer bridges to anyone who thinks there might be such a separation. He is an expert in trees and soil science and is currently a visiting scholar at Sudbury’s besieged Laurentian University. Our interview was not an interview about instability in Ontario’s higher education system, but about his family.

This is an especially timely series in light of the recent letter sent to every Jesuit by their Superior General, Arturo Sosa SJ. His letter is an appeal for collaboration and help in attracting “new companions for the future to which God calls us.”

The Superior General adds, “The best promotion of vocations to our way of life is by Jesuits who cherish their own vocation and reflect real joy in living it out.” He identifies three aspirations for Jesuit life: energy, passion, and commitment, which I use as the title of this series which was initiated before the Superior General’s letter was circulated.

Praise the Lord

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