Peruse any number of articles and opinion pieces in any number of more left-leaning Catholic media venues, and soon enough you are likely to read the ipse dixit assertion that certain prelates or lay leaders are culture warriors. Certain bishops, for example, are supposedly culture warriors. Others are implicitly not. Culture warriors probably wear French cufflinks; those who aren’t culture warriors have an ovine odor.

The appellation “culture warrior” has become a favorite label invoked by those of more liberal tendencies against those perceived as being, well, bullies.

The alleged culture warrior does not play nicely with the Zeitgeist and its potentates and heroes du jour. The alleged culture warrior wants to do mean things like seek to avoid scandal or profanation of the Holy Eucharist. The alleged culture warrior does not understand that doctrines taught for centuries could be changed tomorrow by pontifical pen, and that the ink of said pen is refilled in the workshops known as Synods.

Praise the Lord

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