When Traditionis Custodes is carefully considered, it’s clear that it’s not just an indictment against the celebration of the ‘Old Mass’, but instead an attempt to squash the traditionalist revival in the Church. In fact, some commentators have gone as far as calling the motu proprio a declaration of total war against traditionalists everywhere. It’s hard to argue with this sentiment.

Nonetheless, as righteous as our anger might be about this abusive mandate from the Holy Father, I think it might be a time for deeper reflection on where we find ourselves in relation to Pope Francis. Before I continue, I hope the reader will not confuse my talk of ‘healing’ or ‘wounds’ as a milquetoast sentiment that denies the severity of what we are going through; we are going through an assault on the faith of Eternal Rome, against the Barque of Peter from the very man who sits on the throne.

I will defend the ancient faith with every fiber of my being, and I will—God willing—never bend the knee to apostasy and heresy, even if it comes in the form of an edict from the Petrine Office. That being said, there is a great mourning taking place in the hearts of faithful Catholics the world over, and we find ourselves in a place where we ought to ensure the calibration of our filial piety is rightly ordered; it is one thing to be angry with the Pope, it is another thing to resent the man.

Praise the Lord

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