Seven years ago, near the beginning of the current pontificate, OnePeterFive was born. Increasingly concerned by the words and actions of Pope Francis as well as the massive apostasy within the Catholic Church, Steve Skojec sought to resist these troubling trends and fight back. OnePeterFive was the result, and its stated purpose was to “rebuild Catholic culture and restore Catholic tradition.” 

In those seven years, through Steve’s dedication and hard work and the support of so many others, 1P5 became one of the top traditional Catholic websites in the world. It has readers around the globe (including many in the Vatican), and it has not only reported on the events that have shaped the modern Church in that time, but has offered concrete solutions—solutions based on the timeless traditions of the Faith. The contributions of writers such as Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Peter Kwasniewski, Maike Hickson, and Timothy Flanders have made it a must-read Catholic destination on the Internet.

But now we move on to the next step for this apostolate. As Steve has already announced, Crisis Publications has acquired OnePeterFive and will be taking over the site. Crisis Publications, of which I am the Executive Director, is the publisher of top Catholic books such as “Infiltration” by Taylor Marshall and “Under Siege” by Austin Ruse and also runs Crisis Magazine.

Praise the Lord

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