“The model is a person with dignity, and not an object to show off a garment. Above all, she is a person. And one realizes, more and more each day, how greatly the world is in need of professionals who live their life with integrity.” The one speaking is Fran, who together with his wife María started the Seville Fashion School.

The school began over 25 years ago. María remembers it well: “I received a phone call from my husband. His aunt was leaving a dress-making academy and he asked me if I wanted to continue the business. I replied that I knew nothing about it since I had studied law.”

The world of fashion didn’t appeal to her. But María continues: “At that time I was doing a spiritual retreat for a few days and had read a letter from the then Prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Javier Echevarría. In his letter he spoke about the need for Christians, and specifically the faithful of Opus Dei, to promote new legislation, a new culture, a new fashion consistent with the dignity of the human being, as children of God. A light lit up in me and I felt encouraged to ‘jump into the ring,’ since it was an opportunity to add my little grain of sand to creating this new fashion.”

Praise the Lord

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