Tiago Varanda was born with congenital glaucoma, a serious disease that results from increased intraocular pressure. As time went by he gradually lost his sight. At the age of seven he lost sight in one eye and at sixteen he lost it in the other. “This moment came sooner than I expected and I lost my sight completely.”

Now a priest in Lamego (Portugal), he says: “Although I couldn’t see much, I still liked to see the light of day. I liked to see the landscapes, the green outlines of the mountains, the blue of the sea, the sunrise and sunset. It was a moment of great discouragement. But soon, thanks to my faith and trust in God, and also with the help of my family and friends, I overcame it.”

But this didn’t stop him from dreaming of a useful life. He dated a girl, and began working as a history teacher; in other words, he lived a fairly normal life. “I began to reflect on what I wanted to do in life and I realized right away that God was not asking me to be the father of a family, but to be a priest. A priest is also a father. But there was a challenge: to enter the seminary. I didn’t have the courage.”

Praise the Lord

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