Letter #71, 2021, Mon., July 26: Mutsaerts

    Bishop Rob Mutsaerts, 63, of The Netherlands, on July 22 published a powerful critique of Pope Francis‘ July 16 decree on the liturgy on his blog (full text below)

    “Liturgy is not a toy of Popes; it is the heritage of the Church.” — Statement on Traditionis Custodes by Bp. Rob Mutsaerts (Den Bosch, The Netherlands), published on his blog on July 22, 2021

    “The text is a workshop on what is wrong in Rome, what is right with Tradition. It is clear, concise and frank and it is by a Bishop. Not just a bishops, a relatively young bishop.” —Comment on this essay from Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (“Father Z”) on Fr. Z’s blog earlier today, July 26 (link)

Praise the Lord

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