Letter #55, 2021, Wednesday, July 14: Intersection

    Above, a priest incenses the altar at a celebration of the old Mass. It is reported that Pope Francis may publish a decree on Friday, July 16 — in two days — limiting the celebration of the old Mass, even though Pope Benedict 14 years ago said all Catholic priests had the right to celebrate the old Mass

    But to apprehend 

    The point of intersection of the timeless

Praise the Lord

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Assisted Dying Expansion Aided by Legislation, Public Attitudes

Alex Schadenberg

Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Lee Harding, writing for the Epoch Times, interviewed me about the expansion of (MAiD) euthanasia in Canada for an article that was published on July 13.Article: Canada’s 2020 euthanasia report (Link).Harding reports on the 2020 Health Canada euthanasia report which indicated that there was a 35% increase in assisted deaths in Canada in 2020. Harding writes.

Praise the Lord

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