Over one century ago, G.K. Chesterton wrote a masterpiece poem titled The Ballad of the White Horse. Today, more than ever, it strikes chords in the hearts of all who love the Catholic Church and her traditions. In soul-stirring rhymes, Chesterton tells the story of ragged King Alfred, who mournfully wanders through his once Catholic kingdom, now overrun with pagan Danes. The ballad weaves a tapestry of medieval legends, but its essence rings as true as historical fact. It is the story of the fight for truth, goodness, and beauty in a fallen world. The profound sorrow experienced by Alfred at the sight of his afflicted kingdom bears a striking resemblance to the sorrow of Catholics today who, realizing what the Church has lost, yearn for the restoration of beauty, tradition, and true Catholic culture.

In the first book of the ballad, Alfred begs Our Lady to tell him if he will ever succeed in driving the Danes from his land. She gives a cryptic reply that includes two of the ballad’s most resounding stanzas:

I tell you naught for your comfort,

Praise the Lord

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