I had an epiphany the other evening while flying from one airport to another in a world whose contours have grown less and less familiar to me. Far less friendly, too. It may be worth sharing since others, I suspect, may have been similarly struck. Actually, it hit me long before boarding the plane; in fact, the moment I entered the airport I felt its impact—not on the order of Moses and the Burning Bush, mind you, but jarringly real nonetheless.

How shall I describe it? It was one of those Howard Beale moments when, all at once, you feel moved to announce to anyone who will listen how hopping mad you are and that you’re simply not going to take it anymore. Does that resonate, I wonder, with any readers out there? Who hasn’t experienced, in the last year or so, the madness of living in an America that appears to be on its way to becoming wholly woke?  

And, by the way, is that even a word? What does it mean? Like most clueless consumers of the internet, I needed to look it up—on Google, of course. There I discovered the origin of it, and an intimation as to why it has come to tyrannize over our lives. It’s a slang term for being alert to injustice in society, especially racial injustice. The premise is left unexamined, of course, so one never quite knows what the woke crowd mean by such terms. Only that by joining “Black Lives Matter,” one would be doing the most wonderfully woke thing in the world.

Praise the Lord

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