Browse the Catholic realm of the internet on a fine afternoon following work, and what shall you see? Another day, another puerile fight. Such is, with increasing frequency, the life of internet “evangelization”. On a recent day I observed a respected professor announce an upcoming book, featuring various Catholic writers, which would examine the infallibility of canonizations. Whether or not one is perfectly copacetic with recent canonizations, such as Paul VI’s, the book itself would seem an attempt to provide much needed illumination on the issue.

But this announcement occurred on the internet. Who has time to sit down and read an actual book? Not when immediate reactions to the topic must be issued.

The well-meaning book announcement turned into yet another opportunity to drop the gloves and exchange unpleasantries. Lines were drawn. Sides were picked. It was like a group of boys in a field choosing teams before playing football – tackle football. Haymakers were fired back and forth. Careers were attacked. Accusations hurled. The professor seemed bewildered by the unwanted attention. Yet, it was just another day in Catholic-internet paradise. Traditional Catholic-internet paradise, I should note.

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