Holy Communion, after the Incarnation, is the greatest gift that Jesus bestowed upon the faithful and His Mystical Body, the Church. If unity with the Beloved is the fullness and perfection of divine love, then humbly receiving Our Lord in Communion with piety and reverence is the ordinary way to the “ineffable union (that) He contracts with the soul.” (Saint Peter Julian Eymard in “How to Get More Out of Holy Communion”). This sacrament of sanctification is unsurpassable because “in (this divine action of) Holy Communion (we have) the grace, the model, and the practice of all the virtues…” One Holy Communion, perfect of Itself, would consecrate a saint any communicant who is properly and fully disposed. The sublime truth is that we receive Jesus Himself, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Who deigns to veil “Himself (under the species of bread and wine) in order not to frighten” us and bids us to come to Him. In the great Eucharistic hymn of praise, “Adoro Te Devote, latens Deitas” Saint Thomas Aquinas expresses that not only His divinity is hidden in the Host but also His humanity! He lowers Himself out of His immense love and remains present to us in every sanctuary and tabernacle until the end of time.  Jesus’s great desire is that we communicate with Him, even daily, to receive and to share His perfect love, a love boundless, eternal and for us wretched sinners, redemptive:


Thou, O my Jesus, Thou didst me

Praise the Lord

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