(I have an article coming out on the scientific method – how we develop ‘models’ to explain the universe, either in some small way – as, here, with Paula Adamick’s timely take on the vaccines. Or in a more universal way, our overall ‘worldview’. Eventually, the ‘models’ we develop must be tested against reality, as we gain more evidence. As this evidence comes in, Catholic Insight strives to ‘sentire cum ecclesia’ – to ‘think with the Church’ – which here means following the official Vatican line from the CDF, that one must be free to take or not take the vaccine, as with any medical decision, and make as informed and proportionate choice as possible and practical. Gather what evidence you are able, and trust. For different perspective or ‘model’ on the vaccines, sent out by a faithful Catholic physician, please see here. One way or the other, we should not be coerced into this, and as Ms. Adamick well points out, the level of coercion is itself a telling and troubling sign. Read on, and provide what comments and feedback you might. We are all – or should be – seeking the Truth. Editor)

The Jacobin-style demand for “your papers” is now official. Oregon has become the first American jurisdiction requiring proof of vaccination with a “passport’ allowing entry into shops, restaurants, businesses, workplaces and churches.

Never mind that Oregon’s statewide policy is already raising concerns for those who don’t want to wear masks or take the Covid-19 vaccine over concerns including safety, side effects, efficacy, mistrust in pharmaceutical companies and the lack of full FDA approval.

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