If the Church seems moribund in North America, there is hope in the vast continent of Africa, where there are untold millions of Catholics, fervent, joyful and full of life, a spiritual energy that was sown by those who came before, not least the countless martyrs through the ages, from Saints Perpetua and Felicity in the third century, to a group of whom we celebrate today from the nineteenth, on this memorial of Charles Llwanga and his companions, put to death in horrific ways for the Faith in Uganda between 1885 and 1887.

The principal cause of the martyrdoms, the victims horrifically burnt alive, was that these Christians, Catholics and Anglicans, refused to submit to the homosexual lust of the pedophilic and sodomitical king, Mwanga II. These young men – pages and ministers at the king’s court – chose death rather than renounce their faith and sexual defilement, so they gladly perished in the flames prompted by Mwanga’s diabolical rage and fury.

But where sin abounds, grace – not least in this case, heroism and courage – abound all the more.

Praise the Lord

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