Here is a little something that I have always wondered.

When it comes to atheists engaging the question of God (that is, his existence, his providential love, his judgment, and his narrative for our lives from their beginnings to eternity), I have wondered why there is often so much anger? If there is no God, all faith is falsehood, and eternity is simply a covered hole in the ground, then why should the atheist care so much to prove it? Why do some insist on erecting elaborate arguments and systems of thought around some truth if there is no source of truth? Why obsess about it? 

If there is no God—no ultimate Source of the true, good, and beautiful—then we lack an eternal standard, a cosmic criterion by which to live rightly. Instead, we are left navigating our lives rudderless, except for our appetites. Without God, why shouldn’t we simply “live for today,” slake our carnal thirsts, and immerse ourselves in hedonistic pleasure? Why don’t we stop asking “the big questions” about life and accept that there simply are no “big answers.” But few—other than the most misanthropic people—are actually doing that. 

Praise the Lord

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