A video went viral this month of a tough New York mother taking a stand against her local school board in fiery protest over the woke, anti-police, LGBTQIA+ agenda she perceived being foisted on children by teachers in the classroom. While some criticism may be leveled against such heated displays, it nevertheless serves as a wake-up call to what all Catholics and conservatives must prepare to do with purpose and poise: namely, to take an immovable, indignant stand against a destructive cultural tyranny and speak with force against the invasion of ideas and systems that are enemies to truth, goodness, and Western Civilization. 

As we all know, there is a veritable war raging right now in our streets, schools, churches, town halls, and workplaces that must be acknowledged and fought with valor and vigor if it is to be won in any way. And there may be times—these may be the times—when a brute force of staunch and even righteously angry resistance is precisely what is called for. June 17 marks a date in history when a man fought like a savage for the sake of civilization, and it is a story that is well remembered in our day of battle when a man legend paints as a kind of devil fought for God.

On June 17, 1462, the world was given a rare instance of how the good can be accomplished though the gritty. Vlad Dracul III, Prince of Wallachia, present-day Romania, can hardly be considered a warrior of faith; but he was certainly a warrior for the Faith when he overawed the invading Ottoman Sultan, Mehmed II, in his famous Night Raid.

Praise the Lord

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